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Monday, December 6, 2010

Where did 2010 go ?

I can't answer that question myself. Really. I feel time just swooshed past, or I have slept through the entire 11 months of 2010 and wake up suddenly in December to realise, SHIT IT'S DECEMBER ALREADY! Sorry for the slight vulgar shitty word, but really, it's exactly how I feel right now.

Where did the previous 11 months go ?!

I remember vaguely about having my birthday and V-day present from =HB - a pair of earrings, iPhone 3GS and Compaq Laptop. A friend of mine commented my husband and I exchanged VERY expensive presents in one year, to which I related to my husband and we came to a decision on spending LESSER on presents. *update: it's not really happening since he just bought me an iPad*

Anyway, then I remembered getting incredibly irritated at my skin conditions due to constant piling of makeup foundations and chemicals. As bizarre as how the acne surfaced, it disappeared without me understanding why on earth did it happen! Nevertheless, I'm back to a happy self after having a better complexion and radiance.

Then CNY 2010 I went Adelaide with my in-laws to visit my =HB's relatives. It's my first time, and JD's stepping onto Australia soils. We had a wonderful bonding time with relatives and JD to mingle around. One of the thing I still missed about Adelaide is the lifestyle people have there. The evening walks in the park. The breeze that greeted us when we were there. But the rest of the days were hotter than Malaysia to which we all stayed indoors. Still.... =HB and I promised each other of making our way back to Australia and more places when JD's older.

And my sudden desire to have short hair, and later on, even shorter hair. The endless battle I have with my hair - style & colour. I think this is my epitome of 2010. My entire year is filled with question of what colour to have on my head and what style to cut it to. I know, vain, but yeah it was the drive I had to keep me moving. So sad right?

Subsequently I started watching all those Taiwanese pop idol dramas and listening to Mandarin pop songs, and that spurred me into going for vocal classes. Not that I am aiming to become a singer but it's a hobby that I am trying to get indulged in, besides colouring hair.

With JD getting more mobile and not as needy, =HB and I have more time out as a family. We went to Singapore twice - once for a friend's wedding and another to meet my sis. The highlight of the year has to be meeting up my sis in Singapore. JD had the chance, finally, to play with his cousins - Natalie & Anya. And I could see how innocent the 3 kids are when they first met, which took a downward spiral to fists and fights. Quite entertaining, I would say.

2010 is labelled as my Gucci year since I bought a pair of sunnies and wallet from this brand. There's just this thing about Gucci that attracts me. And this thing is called, materialistic! I won't deny that it's purely about the brand that got me into this frenzy because I don't know anything about fashion or brands. But somehow, i just like Gucci, at least, for now.

But whatever it is on my hair colour / style, or my skin condition or even the purchases that I have made on my own or whatsoever, nothing beats the daily development of my own son that brings joy and happiness to my life. The cheeky grin I see plastered on his face. The opinions he has now, even though he's only 2.5yrs old, to the world. Like how he would justify why he wants me to carry him is because he is too short to reach out for things.

And how he will always say he loves someone else and then checks for my reaction to see if I am sad. And when he sees that I'm sad or pouting, he will give me a big hug and say, "mama I love you!" Even though it's all very staged and planned, but hearing it still brings joy :)

You know, as what they say, when a door closes, another opens up ahead? I am finally looking forward to 2011, to see how my baby grows up to be a little boy and attends nursery. To see how as a couple, my =HB and I are going to grow and meet each life obstacles are they come. To carefully plan for new excitements for upcoming 2011. It's not a 5-min enthusiastic, but I am really looking into training out for marathons.

I told =HB, give me one year to do all the things that I normally don't do before having a second kid! The 1st on the list will be marathon :) Let 2011 be the light of new hopes and dreams, and the strength to conquer new obstacles! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gatsy Natural Bleach & Colour (Aqua Silver)

Being tied down to a 10am-9pm job, 6 days a week and even working on certain public holidays, it can be a little (I am under exaggerating here) boring. Boring in the sense that my job revolves over the same typical frustrations and problems to solve. Boring, also, in the sense that my working hours isn't very much flexible for me to run away for some space breather. 

And sometimes, all these boredom adds up and I get so idiotically irritated at myself for not being random and spontaneous. And yet, every time when I feel that I get so realistically guilty afterwards, because I have quite a 'noble' job and do have responsibilities to adhere to. (yeah right! like many people out there really appreciate retail pharmacists)

So, I try to strike a balance in my own way. Balance between work and play. Since I can't close the shop for a few days to go for a holiday to destress, I rely on the very superficial and vain manner of colouring my hair every 2-3 months.

This time around, I thought I would like to give those DIY hair colouring kit a try. Not that I have never tried before, but it always ended up not being the colour that I have wanted or I didn't colour it evenly. So before I went out buying the hair colour kits like what it is shown on the box, I Googled a little to understand hair colours and tones.

As mentioned in my earlier entry about Warm and Cool skin tone, it is vital for you to understand which category you belong so that you can pick the range of colours that would best complement your look. However, if lets say you are like me too, have very chemically treated hair, then it is best for you to understand the colour wheel before you decide what hair colour you want next.

Basically the colour wheel gives you the basic to hair colouring and leveling. Of course if you buy those DIY colour kits, chances are you don't need to deal with hair tones / levels. These will be important if you really want to use those professional colourants and developer's cream. Anyway, for my case, my current chemical  hair colour is running down to a rusty orange. SO what I do is, I find the colour best suited with my current hair, in this case, Yellow-Orange. The colour sitting opposite yellow-orange is Blue-Violet, and this is the tone which will help neutralise the rustiness.

Like for now, I am still aiming for ash-brown, which is one very difficult colour to achieve and attain. Nevertheless, I went out to the hypermart in search of one DIY hair colouring kit which will give me a colour as CLOSE to ash brown as possible. And now knowing from the colour wheel, it's no point of me to be buying a DIY kit which promises to give me Ash Brown because it is quite impossible for my case.

Gatsby Natural Bleach & Colour Aqua Silver

Serendipity I might say, I saw this product. I have always joked about how corny Gatsby commercial and packaging and who knows I would end up buying their hair colouring kit. The reason of me to buy Aqua Silver because it has a tinge of purple in it, and it is exactly what I was looking for! (remember? purple / violet neutralises yellow / orange)

I love it how Gatsby actually places their hair colouring kits relevance to the colour wheel, letting dumb people like me understand which underlying colour tone it contains :)

Please take note that the 1st pic is the AFTER pic, whereas the 2nd pic is the BEFORE pic.
Sorry for the wrong sequence blunder :(

As you can see, the rusty orange streaks and tone is soften down to give a near ash look. Believe me, I was jumping for joy after I washed and blow dry my hair, to see how ashy it looks!!!

However, my happiness will be short lived as ash tone, which is artificially produced with green / purple, will washout and turn to... yellow-orange :*( Nevermind, till then, I can proudly brag to friends and relatives that I did the colouring myself from A-Z :)

Till the next round of DIY hair colouring, I will continue reading up more on hair tones and levels. Hopefully with enough knowledge and guts, I'll try those professional colourant and developer's creams, and REALLY, do it myself!

Then I'll pray I won't turn out to be an alien.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Problems, not of mine

Pardon for the increasingly lack of updates, will try to buck up as much as possible. Thing is, and truth to be told, it is much simpler to update via Facebook. I don't need to configure my thoughts or draft out the paragraphs like a blog entry. I don't need excellent command in English, or careful selection of words to match as much as how I feel / think.

But yet, many thoughts can't be put into full description with a mere few words. Hence, I'm seeking solace with my blog. To pen down some thoughts that I can't possibly fit into the status update bar in FB. Either that, or I simply can't mention certain things without letting some others knowing some facts of a certain person.

Anyway, earlier this month I went down south to Singapore to meet up with my sis's family. It was great, needless to say, family time is bliss since we don't tend to meet up often. The kids enjoyed the most, although each tod was down with a particular problem

Natalie - Mild flu
Anya - Fever
JD - Hyperactive

Amongst spending time with my family, I arranged dinner with an old friend seeing that I didn't have the opportunity to meet him during my previous trip to Singapore. =HB, JD and I went to Novena Square for a simple dinner with this friend who rushed over after work, beating all the Friday traffic. A gesture that I am very grateful of, knowing that he even bothered to get off work earlier when I told him that JD needed to get an earlier rest. Who knows, in the end we were the one being late.

Things went on well. JD was behaving relatively 'ok' despite him throwing food onto the floor and being picky at the food we had, and even wanted to eat my friend's dinner instead. I have to say, places around Singapore are so baby-friendly. Even the staff around all the FnB places are so fond of kids, or maybe they're trying to be nice while silently cursing me for letting JD run around the place / making a huge mess. But at least, on the front service line, I see polite and caring people :)

Since my dear boy has a short attention span of being still, =HB brought him around the mall to take a walk, while I can have some decent catching up times with my friend. Not that I have anything much to update to anyone, so most of the time I was basically trying to understand my friend's latest relationship status.

Call me a conservative nerd. Imagine my 'square' brains digesting a fact for one to fall in love with another married person, happening in real life (not that it doesn't happen in real life, but that it happens to people around me). For countless moments I sat there blank, speechless.

My standard square morals tell me that it isn't right.
But my heart tells me that I ought to support my friend because if this is one true love for him, what am I to justify and judge?

Honestly speaking, I am still being judgmental. Mostly because I am worried of my friend getting hurt and that the other person isn't serious and only looking for a 'no-strings attached' fling? Of course I know chances can be that this other person who's married IS serious to be with my friend and that a divorce is coming along the way. If so, at least I can see light between my friend and this person.

But there's just this nagging thought in my head.... that things might not be so simple. 

Then I try telling myself that, maybe I am over thinking!!!


Ought to do some serious thinking of what colours I should dye my hair instead. It's currently a little too bright for my liking yet still too fast to be changing colours. What to do ?! Urgh!

Anyway, I sincerely wish the best of luck to my friend.
I pray that he finds the true love, of someone worthy of his love and loving him back with all her heart too.
I pray that I am indeed overthinking and being judgmental, so at least the love is true between them.
I pray that for everything that they need to go through in the future, their love and compassion is strong enough to get by every obstacles.
I pray that everything works out well for them, as hope.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Designer and Resigner

Don't ask me why I am gaga over Gucci, to be honest, and brutally honest, I know nuts about fashion / designers trends. Yet somehow, everytime I see the word Gucci, my eyes twinkle / sparkle, depending on the items that I see from Gucci.

My first ever Gucci item was the above sunglasses I bought. Confession. I lost it. 
Maybe that was what spurred me into the search for another Gucci.

I was initially looking at handbags / tote bags / sling bags etc. However with each bag that I come across, Gucci / Guess / LV / Coach, I kept comparing to my current black sling Stella McCartney bag 'snatched' off from my sis during my trip to Hong Kong last year.

Then I came across THIS randomly....


Hahaha! Seriously I don't think I need a wallet. Not to mention a Gucci wallet, but seeing that Reebonz is having the current 12 months credit card installment interest free option. Okay, all the reasoning with my brains just flew out of the window.

I succumbed to peer pressure easily. Seriously. I need to control myself.

Anyway, Reebonz is an online website with different daily 'offers' ongoing with different designers'. And there's a catch, you need to be a member to be able to access the site. Next, you need to fight with other members when purchasing for items because 1) items are normally limited in quantity 2) there is a time frame to the duration of sale ongoing 3) you need to constantly check back for more offers.

Immediately after I bought the Gucci wallet, I saw BALENCIAGA!!!! urgh!

Temptations.... self-restrain!!!!!

OKay. I have remind myself.


That'll stop me (temporarily) from huge purchase *ummmmmmmmm*

Right. In case some of you are not members in Reebonz and you share similar passion like me in designers', don't say I am a selfish freak.

I am openly putting an invitation link here to invite you into the wonderous network of Reebonz.
Join the network babes!

Above is the screenshot of upcoming events going on sale in Reebonz.

Tod's Women handbags on 28/09/10
Chanel handbags & accessories on 29/09/10
Celine Women handbags on 29/09/10
Balenciaga Women handbags on 29/09/10

etc....etc... etc...

*sigh* I have to suffer through another phase of Balenciaga...... sobs.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010