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Monday, September 22, 2008

Brownaissance™ - Finally!

Years of consideration and procrastination, I finally took the courage to go under the knife for the sake of beauty. Though the knife in this case is just a normal small blade that looks like our regular penknife.

Besides yearning for the ease of not having to draw my eyebrow every single day, I have the problem of uneven eyebrow bone (is there such a name for that bone?). My left side of my brow bone is slightly elevated than the left. It's like, my face looks loopsided, and LOOPSIDED BROWS ARE DEFINITELY NOT SEXY!!!!

Which type of eyebrows do you have?

Worse, people might think that I am a terrible Brow Plucker™ and I simply cannot allow that accusation to happen! No!

Keep in mind that eyebrows are to enhance our beauty. SO many times we have seen Hollywood female artists who aren't famous with disatrous eyebrows (too bushy, too thin, too black, too arched, too bleached etc) and when they altered it, BOOM, they become the next HOT female artist in town!

Not that I want to become an actress or anything like that. But imagine facing customers daily, and them telling me, "Ehh, your brows.. not balance leh". That is pretty embarrassing lah.

So couple of weeks ago, I finally did the Brownaissance™. Since this is not an advert and I do not wish to help the company to promote their services, simply because 1) it is damn expensive 2) it is damn expensive 3) it is damn expensive 4) it is not painless.

Anyway, that grumpy and whinny me aside. Let me describe to you, how the whole process works. OKay?

1) Starts off with a beautician artist / therapist scrutinizing my face.

2) She, then, will use a brow pencil to draw out a sketch of the eyebrow and enquires if you like it.

3) If you like it on first sketch, please head to step 4. If not, go back step 2.

4) Slowly she'll fill in the brow with the brow pencil. Little at a time

5) Erasing off those out of line errors.

6) Sketching back the brows again.

7) Opps. Brows aren't balanced. Erase again.

8) Sketch again... filling in the gaps

9) Shave off those unwanted rowdy brow hair.

10) Sketch and erase process again.

Tada! The whole sketching process, which took almost 45mins, is done! Next the beautician artist / therapist asked me to head over to one of their beauty cubicle.

Me: Ehhh. Painful ar?

Beautician artist/therapist: No lah. Like pluck eyebrow liddat only!

Me: Oh. Liddat ar. So can tahan lah?

Beautician artist/therapist: Can wan.

That calmed me for a bit. And I thought to myself, if I can survive through labour pain, for sure this kinda pain isn't much to complain about lah.

Truth to be told, it wasn't painless! The knife is in fact a blade consisted of tiny needles. I was being told there are about 16-21 needles in each blade. The beautician artist/therapist will then use the blade, dip into the dye and then start pricking the eyebrow. The process took about 45 mins, of which I scolded myself for becoming RM300plus poorer just to suffer through pain.

Pointless :(

My newly embroidered eyebrows after 1 week.

Apparently I was told to avoid seafood and peanuts for the first 2 days, in case there is a flare of allergy. Then I was given this cream, which I highly suspect to consist of steroids, to apply 3 times a day. Avoid water on the brow area for 1 week is the toughest. How to wash face?
In the end, I was compliant to NONE of the above. I went back home, washed face like normal times then applied the cream once daily.
Since my brows have been beautifully embroidered, I went ahead to buy myself supplies of contact lens! Beautiful brows must be alongside with beautiful eyes mar. Cannot have glasses in between to obstruct a beautiful me, right?
Damn I am so vain!

My favourite angle of my face as it makes my frame appears slimmer

Conclusion - What do I feel of Brownaissance™ ?
Firstly I think, now, it is a waste of money. Even though the brows can last 1-2yrs (theoratically), what you are paying is plainly not worth what you are getting. How expensive can the blade be? How expensive can the training for the artist to carry out Brownaissance™ be? How expensive can the salary of the artist be?
Hence, the amount paid, is actually over-rated.
Plus, I asked from a couple of people who have done the same. Apparently the brows colour doesn't last till 2 years. In fact, they gave 6mths as a maximum duration. True, the brow colour doesn't change to grey/violet/blue (like how our mothers tattooed their brows). But touch-up of the brows will be additional charges.
So I ask myself, my brow pencil can last through more than a year. My brow powder also can last through a year. Plus the hassle of me waking up slightly earlier each day to draw my brows. All in... STILL CHEAPER THAN RM 340 LAH!
Somehow I feel I got conned and I have only myself to blame!
Lastly, a picture of JD. Compare his facial difference over 2 months. Somehow, nothing much has changed besides his size. Hehe!
My little prince charming


Wei Ping said...

So cute laarr...JD i mean. okaylar...your brows also lar..he got your fair skin, huh?

3-Seconder said...

actually my hubby's fair too... I am beginning to see more of my resemblance in JD. But die lah, he's losing hair lah!

cheerybell said...

Hi..your baby is soo cute...
Thx for the review of Brownaissance..i was thinking of going there to do it but your review has helped solve my agonizing problem..haha..
yea..i agree..eyebrow pencils and powders don't cost that much..Thx alot!!!

lynn said...

Umm heyy
nice brows :D
may i know where is the brownaissance
is it around kl ?
i really needed a brow makeover
pls reply at my email